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NM Online Education has partnered with one of the largest networks of Drug and Alcohol Treatment providers in the US. With locations in all 50 States, you will not find a better, more convenient or comprehensive group able to service all of your inpatient and outpatient needs. All of our alcohol and drug treatment locations accept insurance and are some of the most affordable programs available. Call today for more information on all of the different treatment and rehab options available. The call is free and completely confidential.

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Anger Management

Hi If you have been ordered by a court or need to find a private and affordable online Anger Management course, NM Online Education has the program options for you. Our 100% online course will provide you with the certification, information and help you need all for an affordable price. This course is one of the most comprehensive, affordable and in-depth online classes available on the internet. Click below to learn more about Anger Management and get started today.

We are NM Online Education, your go-to source for Drivers Ed classes onlinesss. We provide access to Online Drivers Ed classes, DUI and Drug courses, Defensive Driving courses, and even Alcohol and Drug Evaluation services. At NM Online Education (formerly called North Metro Traffic School), we're all about personalizing your experience. Our approach revolves around finding what works best in this education space, delivering it seamlessly, and helping you get what you need to complete our courses efficiently. NM Online Education provides courses that are thorough, professional, and built for compliance in all of the fields we cover.

With educational services that deal with such sensitive, important issues, we've made sure to partner and build our systems with the best teams around. Although some of the links found on our site or some of the calls you make may pay us a commission, we've done massive due diligence on every partner we have and assure you that we only work with the most reliable and upstanding entities. Our approach, once again, is simple: get you the best courses with the least amount of hassle and get you back to driving safely on the road again.

Our Storysss

NM Online Education was founded in 2008 and has been providing access to quality educational courses that cover Defensive Driving, DUI, and other important programs ever since. One of the biggest assets we're able to offer is our state-approved court classes. These classes help people who find themselves facing legal consequences as a result of driving recklessly or under the influence. Driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, even in small amounts, can lead to authorities taking away license privileges both temporarily and even permanently, depending on where you live.

This is simply not an option for those who need to drive for work, school, and life in general. Mistakes happen, and we've seen a lot of them over the years, but that doesn't mean you can't get yourself back on track with the right education and the right tools to succeed. Additionally, we can refer you to high-quality drug and alcohol evaluation sessions, and other programs to help you take on your future. This is ideal for those with drinking or drug problems they want to address. They will be able to reintegrate successfully back into society after treatment completion.

We've built a team of some of the hardest-working professionals and educators in the country, all with the goal to get you back on your feet again. Our leadership team, creative team, and compliance teams are all well-versed in state laws regarding suspensions of driving privileges. Many have worked with people in this field for decades, too. Our partnerships with outside treatment and rehab centers are stellar, with many success stories coming from the thousands of good people we've helped over the years. These are not just Drivers Ed classes, but rather a sustainable path to a better life, safer driving, and being a good citizen.

More Than Just Drivers Ed Classes

NM Online Education provides students with so much more than just Drivers Ed classes. Our courses are meant to help turn things around for the better, for good. We don't want your life to be ruined by your past mistakes, and we fight tooth and nail to bring you courses that will not break the bank and not keep you down for long. Efficiency, quality, and value are key elements of all of the NM Online Education Drivers Ed classes. If we can get you back on track and back on the road, and do it in a way that's both valuable and comfortable to you, then we're doing our job right.

Online Drug and Alcohol Class, Defensive Driving and Drivers Ed Online and Evaluations

North Metro provides a wide variety of quality educational programs, all online! Whether you need to complete a court-ordered alcohol class, talk to an approved counselor, or get some traffic school hours, we’ve got you covered. And with our money-back guarantee you’ll feel confident you're getting what you expected!

Treatment & Rehab

Having issues with Drugs and Alcohol? Need to find the best Drug or Alcohol treatment center in your state. We have many different options for you and more than 14 different Individual Treatment’s to choose from. With facilities located throughout the US, our partner is able to help. No matter the reason, give us a call today and an agent will provide the information and help you need. Affordable and Insurance accepted.

Drug Class Online

Need to complete a drug class for traffic court or as part of your sentencing? We offer certified drug programs you can take today for a super-affordable price. Sign up for an online drug class right now and get started today!

DUI Class & Alcohol Awareness

Online alcohol programs are far easier and more convenient than in-person classes. They're way more affordable, too! If you need an approved alcohol program for your court case or for any other reason, find out how North Metro can help. We partner with the best alcohol training programs in the country.

Drug and Alcohol Assessments Online

Have you been ordered to get a drug and alcohol assessment? Maybe you’re headed to traffic court, have been charged with a DUI, or are in the middle of a divorce case. Complete your one-hour professional evaluation on the phone or via Skype with one of our certified counselors right now.

Defensive Driving Classes

Approved online defensive driving classes are a great way to save money on your car insurance. Taking an online defensive driving course may help you get out of a traffic ticket or even get points removed from your drivers license. Sign up now and complete your classes online with North Metro.

Drivers Ed for Teens

Online driver's ed is a great way to get extra practice before sitting for your driving test. Through North Metro, you can complete your classes from anywhere and even use your phone! Cheap, simple, and quick – that’s the way driver’s education should be.

Anger Management

Have you gotten into trouble and been ordered to complete an Anger Management course? Our professional online Anger Management courses can help. Whether it is for personal reasons, a divorce, court order or any other reason, being proactive and completing this class can help.

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North Metro Online is trusted by the nations top attorneys, probation officers and courts for a reason. Since 2008, we have been one of the leaders in Defensive Driving, DUI School, Alcohol Arrest Courses and Drug Classes.  We now are proud to offer Over the Phone Evaluations and Drivers Ed Online. 

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