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Need to sign up for an alcohol class in Kentucky? You’ve come to the right place. North Metro partners with the best alcohol schools in the state to bring you distance-learning classes that will fit your schedule and your budget. No one wants to sit through an alcohol awareness program, but if you give it a chance, you might find you actually learn something useful!

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Kentucky actually has some of the lowest rates of binge drinking and underage drinking in the country. Despite The Bluegrass State’s reputation for bourbon and mint juleps, Kentucky takes its alcohol laws seriously. Whether you’ve been ordered to take an online alcohol class by a judge, recommended by your attorney, or need to prove to your boss or your spouse you don’t have an issue with alcohol, sign up now. These classes fill up quickly in KY.

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Who Needs Kentucky DUI Classes?

In Kentucky, judges order DUI offenders to attend DUI classes as a condition of their sentence. Also sometimes referred to as alcohol education and treatment programs, DUI classes are meant for people with alcohol-related offenses on their records.

However, DUI classes are not just for people with multiple DUI convictions. First-time DUI offenders can benefit from the education and support that these in-person or online classes provide. If a judge orders you to take DUI classes, you must enroll and you must pay for them yourself, a further consequence of your irresponsible behavior.

DUI classes can help you avoid future run-ins with the law and make better decisions when it comes to drinking. The classes allow you to reflect on your choices and seek help if you need it.

What Are the Rules for Kentucky's DUI Classes?

After being charged with a DUI, the court will order the DUI offender to attend a substance abuse education class regulated by the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services. The class length will depend on whether it is the first, second, or third offense DUI.

Alcohol and substance abuse treatment programs must evaluate the person's alcohol or substance abuse issues, as required by KRS 189A.040. The examination is done at the program's start, and a 90-day education and treatment plan must be in place. However, the administrator may let the participant out of the program before the end of 90 days with a written report stating that he or she completed it.

Individuals are responsible for the total cost of the education and treatment plan up to their financial capacity. Contempt of court is incurred when a person fails to complete the program or pays the court-mandated fee. In certain circumstances, if you do not fulfill your obligations as outlined in this act, the court will reinstate all DUI penalties and impose other penalties as well.

If a person is convicted of a second DUI, the program duration rises to one year. The period for the treatment program for a third DUI and subsequent DUI offense is also one year. However, this case may be an inpatient or residential program.

To take Kentucky's approved online DUI programs, Kentucky residents must first obtain permission from the court. If you do not have such permission, an online class for DUI does not fulfill the requirement. If you live out of state and had a violation in Kentucky, you may take an online DUI class, but you must have written permission from your state and the Kentucky agency requiring you to complete the online courses.

Finally, remember that a person's license and driving privileges can't be reinstated until the individual finishes the alcohol rehabilitation and education program.

What You Can Expect to Learn in the Online DUI Classes - Kentucky

The online DUI class aims to educate people about the dangers of driving while intoxicated, inform them about their substance abuse, and urge them to get the help they need. You'll discover information about drinking responsibly, recognizing substance abuse triggers, how drugs and alcohol affect your driving skills, and the significant consequences of a DUI conviction in the future. Many individuals enroll in DUI classes to have their driver's license reinstated and obey the court's order, although anyone may attend these classes.