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Alcohol abuse in NC is a bigger problem than you might think, particularly among underage drinkers. Surveys estimate that over 450,000 people in North Carolina have an issue with alcohol, nearly 40,000 of those under 17 years old. An online alcohol course may be a good way to identify problem drinking and help you find resources that can make you a more responsible drinker.

DUI Arrest in North Carolina?

College campuses are where much of the Carolina’s problem drinking takes place. NC State, UNC, and Duke all have high rates of binge drinking incidents that lead to injury and sometimes arrests. Have you been charged with a MIP or disorderly conduct? Then you may be required by the court to take a certified alcohol course before having your charges reduced or dismissed.

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DUI Classes Online In North Carolina

Certificates Available Immediately

Are you in a time crunch? Or maybe you want to head to court in North Carolina with your certificate of completion in hand? Being proactive is one of the best things you can do for North Carolina court cases.  Whether it was your first offense or you are taking the class for other reasons, online DUI classes can be a great option.  NM Online Education will provide you with your official DUI or Alcohol Awareness certificate online or in the mail as soon as you're done.  

Affordable DUI Class In North Carolina


Don't be fooled by other cheaper online DUI courses. North Metro Online Education provides only state-of-the-art programs with professional documents that, in many cases, cost much less than in-person courses throughout North Carolina.  You're getting a great deal.  Our partners provide the best online training in North Carolina at rates you can always afford!  

Also, by taking an online class for an Alcohol arrest saves our clients money by not having to take time off of work or having to drive to an in-person class. If you can help, try and complete one of our courses to avoid paying more money than you have. 

DUI Arrest Anonymous

Completely Anonymous

Don't let the fear of running into someone you know stop you from completing your North Carolina drug and alcohol requirements. Our online programs are always 100% confidential, so you can be sure your identity is protected from prying eyes. 

Many clients say that the best part of a North Carolina online DUI class is not having the embarrassment of taking a class with a group of people they do not know.  The classes are long and not having to discuss their situation with others is a top benefit to an NM Online class.  Many people make mistakes, and for the majority, it is their first offense, so not having to risk running into neighbors or other community members makes the class the best choice.  

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Money Back Guarantee

Worried about making a financial commitment? We offer a full money-back guarantee if you're unhappy with your DUI or MIP class experience for any reason. We're only satisfied once you're completely satisfied.  Very few online DUI classes stand behind their classes and certifications the way our partners do.  In very few cases and if for some reason you are not happy or have taken the class by mistake, we will refund your money.  

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Our online DUI or MIP class has helped thousands of students across the U.S., including North Carolina, complete their requirements efficiently and affordably. We're a recognized leader in quality substance abuse programs, traffic programs, and more!  Take the online DUI class you can trust in North Caroline and start today.  

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Remember: It is your responsibility to check with your attorney, the court,
and/or the DMV to ensure a distance-learning class meets your needs and requirements.