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Massachusetts Online Alcohol Classes

Massachusetts residents, particularly males, have a long history of alcohol issues. Drinking is a large part of MA’s culture, from stopping for a beer in Boston to taking shots in Cambridge. If you’ve been asked to complete an online alcohol course to satisfy your sentencing requirements, get a job, or even gain custody of your kids, North Metro can help. We’re specialists in matching students in New England with the right alcohol program for them.

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Nearly 17% of Massachusetts residents admit to binge drinking regularly, and the state ranks among the top 10 in the country for fatal alcohol poisonings. The good news is, many alcohol problems can be nipped in the bud with education and support, and a state-approved online alcohol class is a great place to start. Massachusetts alcohol awareness programs are designed to help you identify problem behavior and teach you responsible, healthy ways to drink.

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Chapter 90-24D of the Massachusetts General Law

The Massachusetts General Law, Part I, Title XIV, Chapter 90-24D allows an offender to enter the Driver Alcohol Education Program (DAEP) instead of facing significant fines, lengthy license suspensions, and potential jail time for driving under the influence of alcohol. The DAEP is a comprehensive program designed to educate first-time offenders about the dangers of drinking and driving. The online DUI class program includes classroom instruction and counseling. Massachusetts residents must complete the program successfully to have their licenses reinstated.

Who Is Eligible for the 24D Online DUI Classes?

To receive a hardship license from MassDOT or the RMV Board of Appeal, you must first enroll in a Driver's Alcohol Education Program. The 24D program is accessible to convicted first offenders and some second offenders. The first-time offender DAEP course in the state of Massachusetts consists of 24 hours overall, or 90 minutes each week for 16 weeks.

Second offenders, on the other hand, must complete the Massachusetts DUIL program if they are not qualified for DAEP. The Offender Alcohol Programs/OUI classes (DUIL) are 2-week inpatient programs. There is also a year of aftercare, which includes 20 weeks of 90-minute sessions and monthly gatherings throughout the rest of the year.

The 24D online course is comprehensive and will provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to help you avoid drunk driving. The program is designed to give you the best chance at success, and you should take advantage of all the available resources.

What You Can Expect to Learn from the DUI Online Class in Massachusetts

In the online DUI classes, you'll learn about the dangers of driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol. You'll also learn how to make smart decisions if you find yourself in a situation where you're tempted to drink and drive. The online DUI class is designed to give you the skills and knowledge you need to avoid getting behind the wheel after drinking. You also acquire life skills that may help you maintain sobriety after the program. These might include:

How to Recognize Your Triggers

The online classes help pupils figure out why they drink alcohol and what circumstances make them most likely to do so. They are educated on effectively avoiding those triggers once they can correctly identify their causes. Some of the most common triggers for excessive drinking include boredom, loneliness, anxiety or depression, stressful life events, and access to alcohol.

The Consequences of Future DUI Convictions

It's extremely hazardous to drive while intoxicated, and it can lead to severe injuries or even death, which is one of the first pieces of information supplied in all DUI online programs. Students may come into touch with a victim-impact panel, including individuals from the local MADD office. This way, offenders are exposed to stories from people who have lost family members, friends, and significant others due to drunk drivers.

Students may also encounter individuals who were convicted of DUI and hear about the long-term effects of their carelessness. Finally, students will understand that any DUI offenses in the future that result in the death of one or more victims may result in murder charges.

The Massachusetts online DUI class offered through NM Online Education is certified and approved by the state. You can complete the class on your own time, at your own pace, from the comfort of your own home. Our long-distance learning class comes with a money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied for whatever reason. Enroll in an online DUI class today and start getting your life back on track!